Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Hunkering Down" for Winter. What Do You Do?

A Happy 2012 to All.

Those delightful days we refer to as "the Holidays" sure do come and go in a whirl, don't they?  By now, many of us are feeling the downside of that whirl.  Lots of food, drink, entertaining, seeing friends and relatives, more food, more drinks, . . . and then, Boom!, it's over.  That said, the fact that it's over is a good thing and the concept of "hunkering down", cocooning,  and staying close to hearth and home are all meaningful behaviors on the part of we humans at this time of year.  They are adaptive behaviors designed to surface as our outside environment becomes harsher -  the temperatures drop, snow falls (oh, please, soon?), and darkness falls earlier - we need to adjust; to cook, eat, exercise, deal with our gardens and shop for our resources in a very different way.

How are you coping with the entry into the long winter?  What are your tips for staying upbeat when there's no gardening to be done, no choice of numerous Farmers Markets, and when it's really cold outside?  What are your favorite dishes to make at this time of year?  What are the challenges to trying to shop locally and seasonally that you experience? What are your feelings about Snow and Snow Days? How are you maintaining your home environment without breaking the bank with your heating bill? Are you reading Seed Catalogs and dreaming of Spring? Do you feel like you are in even a bit of a hibernation state? Is this your favorite time of year or a time for you to "get through"?

Please share your  thoughts and your tips for enjoying Winter.  I will do the same in the next few posts.  I think we can learn a lot from each other, including, tips on staying warm, entertaining ourselves, and some satisfying and warming recipes that can be made with what we have available now.

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Now, let's talk Winter!

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