Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In The Markets Now! Hurry!

Things have been a bit restricted around here as we are having pretty much our whole house painted. However, we have been getting out and about to the Farmers' Markets and the Fests and we've been experiencing that cook's Spring excitement. Early Spring offers us some really delicious goodies. But be warned. Many of these don't hang around very long!

The following lists some of the best, tastiest, and most versatile of the early Spring goodies.

Ramps - sauté; melt down for a sauce over ravioli or pasta; or sauté and pile on bruschetta.

Fiddleheads - these make a quick exit so grab them when you see them. Sauté with a little garlic. Great as a side with anything. Intense flavor. Do not eat them raw!

Radishes - especially French Breakfast - slice and serve with seasoned salt and some really good butter. A great appetizer.

Fava Beans - blanched Favas with shaved pecorino cheese, extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper and some good bread and red wine. La Dolce Vita! Tons of uses for what many call "Italian Lima Beans". Personally I think they are much better. They do require a bit of preparation.

Patience Dock - a really delicious green; a quick sauté does it. It's an "old" green making a comeback.

Garlic Scapes - like chives and very versatile. Also makes a great pesto. The pesto can be frozen.

Chives - generally we see the onion type; ask for garlic chives. Adds flavor in everything.

And Soon. . . . Asparagus! The only way to enjoy asparagus is to buy it locally. That stuff you see in winter in the supermarket - don't bother! Once you have fresh asparagus, you won't go back. Freezes well for soups, quiches and the like too.

The trick is to do a little taste testing to see what you like and how you like it. These are all good and all are good for you.

So, hit those Farmers' Markets and try some things that may be new to you.

Eat the Season!