Thursday, June 14, 2012

Scenes from an Urban Garden

Sitting in the garden doing some work the past few days, I am struck by the incredible peacefulness I feel being here.  The only sounds are birds, our fountain, the "spool" as it cycles, the occasion flight going into the airport which is fifteen minutes away, and basically that's it.  Unless I put some music on the outside speakers, the silence is amazing during the day - right here in the heart of the city.  People have a lot of preconceived notions about living in a city.  One of those notions - and far from a misconception - is that cities are noisy.  They are right, they are.  I'm sure people staying at our home - especially when the windows are open - hear all sorts of sounds they're not used to; I don't think we even "hear" the sounds anymore.  They are the background of our lives and our sleeping.  Frankly, I love to visit the country, but the first night, I am usually waking up a lot - can't get used to all that quiet! So, today, I am thinking on the fact that we all need quiet places - and that I am among the very luckiest of folks to have this one, and to be able to enjoy it as much as I do.  And now, some scenes from the Il Moya Garden as it grows.

Foodie Tip:
There's still time to play around with Asparagus, but that time is running short.  We just found a new method that we can't stop eating:  Fried Asparagus!  No batter, just salt and pepper and into hot oil.  They fry up like artichokes and are delicious!  You can do your favorite dipping sauce or eat them "as is".  Amazing.