Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Food Cold Remedies; The Foodist Needs Help!

The Foodist has been hit by the cold/flu bug that is rampant in our neighborhood and in our home. My much better half has been battling all sorts of symptoms all through the holiday season. My belief that I was too tough for the bug has proven to be flawed. So, I am sniffling, sneezing, congested - the whole package - and pretty low on energy, so I have been contemplating those foods that not only comfort us when we've got a bug, but foods that actually have some impact on what ails us. So far (Day 2), I have been putting down a lot of herbal tea with honey, soft scrambled eggs & toast, and of course, chicken soup. Are these foods affecting what's got a hold on me? I have no idea but I feel that they are making Me "better". I'm wondering what other folks find comforting and/or curative. Please share! If this unseasonable weather continues, we're all going to be very happy to know about all of those things that comfort and cure us!

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