Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Urban Garden Adventure on Hold

Well fellow growers, the weather sure isn't making us feel very Spring like is it? For some in our area there's been that regularly occurring "coating to an inch" of snow. And it's cold! And gray and windy.

For me, this is made even more frustrating by the fact that all of this week, I've been floored by a bad, bad cold (not flu, I don't get the flu!). I've been working on an awful cough, on and off fever, no energy and sleepless nights. The full array.

During this wretched time, orders for the garden keep arriving at our home! The potato sets came two days ago, right after the new potato sacks arrived (see picture below). My early crop seeds have all arrived, and some of my seedlings, as well. I did manage to get some early plants in the cold frame before this thing hit me. Of course I haven't seen them in a couple of days.

You know how it is. I have a lot to do out there - removing the Christmas tree branches blanketing a lot of the planting areas, prepping the soil, getting some of the mulch from our composter around, cleaning out the packed shed, cleaning and oiling the garden tools, ...... you get the picture. The list of those first stage jobs that we all do that make us so happy because we know what will be coming.

I found myself today laying on the sofa with a handful of seed packets - I swear I scared myself - I think I was about to alphabetize them!

What are others of you doing, fellow growers? What are your first phase activities?

Please - feel free to share. I'm losing it here!

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