Saturday, February 23, 2013

And in the End, it really is all about Love

So we're back home to our beloved Philly with yet another set of great memories & stories of folks we met and chatted with, some new recipes, and some new music.

And to be clear, we are not so dazzled by NOLA that we don't realize it has its problems, some quite serious.
It is a city. Cities that are vibrant, diverse, busy, well traveled, worth living in and real, do.

Cities that attract the creative and the crazy; the seekers and the strivers; and the lonely and the lovers are mixed up, complicated balls of hot, wet messiness. That is as it should be. That is New Orleans.

A few things that we'll miss until we return to New Orleans:

Almost always, people on the street speak or at least smile. That's another human being there! (I'm happy to say that's the norm in our little village in the city here - although it's definitely not the norm city wide).

The glorious, glorious food. And the great places to eat that food that we've come to know - especially those that are beloved by the locals.

Being able to stop for a minute to give a listen to street music.

The music. And lots of places to hear it every night.

Accepting there's always time to chat. Also accepting that there's always time for a bit of alcohol, a bite of food.

Realizing that rushing should be reserved for the most dire of circumstances.

Dancing in public - which is accepted, expected and encouraged. There are no "bad" dancers in New Orleans!

The colors, the palm trees, the aromas, the people, the river, the warmth.

Ah, New Orleans, know that you are loved. See you soon!

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