Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy, Hot 4th of July! Boozy Water Ice Redux

Well, Friends, we are for sure in the thick of summer and July has so far not disappointed!  And for all of the friends who have asked if we are still living the "non-AC" life.  Why, yes, we are!  Actually, we're pretty well adjusted by now.  The house is full of high power fans, the windows are shaded, and we spend most of our time out in the garden/backyard.  Being the end of the row on a street of a row homes is a BIG help!  We have a nice, steady breeze all day and windows on all three floors on the side of our house.  Our spool/splash pool/spa is certainly another big help.  We always take a dip right before bed; relaxing and nice and cooling.  That said, yes, we sweat a lot and take a lot of cool showers when we're working on projects around the house.  We try to avoid turning the oven on. We, for sure, eat a lot cooler and lighter and sweeter.  The central AC compressor on the side of the house is home to two huge barrels of Swedish Peanut fingerling potato plants, so it's not like we're not using it!!! It's funny but we find that we freeze our butts off in stores and at sites where we are working. It seems to us now that - not only are places air conditioned - they are freezing!!! All in all, we're feeling pretty good and enjoying the heat!  But, thanks for asking if we are still acting crazy!!  We appreciate it.

Lots of us will be grilling over this upcoming long holiday weekend (at least I hope it's a long one for a lot of you).  Don't forget to pick up that Chimney Starter for your briquettes - and avoid that stinky gross lighter fluid at all costs.  And, whenever you can get it, buy Hardwood Lump Charcoal.  It burns clean and very hot; it also burns very fast, so you need to be paying attention to your fire. Once you get hooked on it, it will be your fuel of choice.

I hope all of your city gardens are flourishing and that you are enjoying those regular two a day waterings!

Here's a recipe for a very summery cocktail that I believe is worth re-posting given this heat.

John's Lemon Water Ice Vodka/Blueberry Slushies

Get a quart of the best lemon water ice you can find (in Philly, that's John's where the President stopped last year; if you can't get to the Italian Market, Rita's will suffice as a substitute)

Put some fresh, local blueberries in the bottom of a tall glass; muddle the berries a bit so some are smashed, some remain whole

Fill the glass 3/4's full of the water ice

Depending on the size of the glass, pour anywhere from 2 to 4 ounces of plain vodka over the water ice

You can stir it ever so gently with an iced tea spoon if you wish.

Sit in the breeze, sip and enjoy!
Have a glorious 4th of July!  Enjoy Fireworks, Cook - Outs and Summer! And one more thing . . .

Happy First Birthday Josh Baskin!  Our Yankee Doodle Boy!

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