Thursday, July 1, 2010

Philly Foodies Let's Talk!

Greetings Food Loving Philadelphians! 
I look forward to some fun, informative, delicious exchanges and, yes, debates on this Blog!
I am hoping that this site will be a haven for those of us who consider ourselves dedicated city dwellers,  Philadelphians (either here now or transplanted), Locavores and Slow Fooders - along with just being happy with the label of "Foodie".
It is an exciting time in Philadelphia's food culture.  Many of us urban types are not only dedicated to our numerous Farmers' Markets and Farm to Table restaurants,  but we are also growing our own - or at least a wee bit of our own. Many of us are also attempting to "live green" in a major city - which has challenges all  its own!
So fellow food adventurers - what are you planning for the Holiday weekend?  Where are you shopping?  What are your favorites?  What are your not so favorites? What are you growing?  What are you trying to find that you can't? And, what have you found that you think the rest of us should know about?
Let's have some fun and learn from each other.

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