Friday, July 2, 2010

Let's Share Some Holiday Menus!

So  - for the first dinner of the big summer holiday weekend we are doing a Tuscan Garden Dinner.  The goals here are to start off the weekend with a bang - have a big dinner and fire up the hard wood charcoal before the heat wave returns, and, frankly, have some great left overs!

Almost all of the products needed for the meal are either local products OR have been purchased from local, independent purveyors - in other words, nothng on this table came from a supermarket, although the wine and vodka did come from the Pennsylvania State Store!  The steak is grass fed, hormone - free and humanely raised. The white truffle balsamico was a gift from Italy.

The Menu:
Vodka Negronis
Sliced Cacciatore, a Hot (spicy hot) Dry Sausage
Celery and Olive Salad
Fresh Fava Beans (grown in PA!) with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and ribbons of Parmigiano
Caprese Salad:  sliced heirloom tomatoes, sliced fresh mozzarella (from Mr. Mancuso's) and our own basil leaves, sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil and white truffle Balsamico vinegar
Grilled Bread and Grilled Spring Onions
Bistecca - grilled steak, marinated in extra virgin olive oil, pepper and rosmary and topped with a compound blue cheese butter

The Wine - Rizzi Barbaresco

and for Dolce (dessert):  Grilled Stoned Fruit Skewers served with ricotta and honey

So,what's on your table?

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