Thursday, December 23, 2010


The 2011 Il Moya Tree
 Oh, for sure, we:  "Need a Little Christmas"

It's Christmas, go ahead and be that child that hides inside all of the rest of the year!

Remember:  you can't cure all of the world's problems - try to at least make a dent in one - be charitable, give of your time, yourself, and your money if you can.  And, if you are still shopping - do it at an independently owned small business, please!!!

Sing Carols, get misty - eyed at the little ones wonder at it all, and INDULGE!!  It's the Holidays and it's a long winter.

Be kind to one another - there can be a bit of stress popping up now and then!

Let's all bring out the best we can be.

And - you Foodies - I know that you are shopping and cooking and creating and planning - and enjoying every minute of it!  Good for you/us!!

See you in 2011. 

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