Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Doing more than "surviving" the Holidays & Thanksgiving Memories coming later this week!

The Philly Foodist will have a large post later this week.  I'll be posting some recipes, resources and ideas as well as fond memories and pictures of our beautiful Thanksgiving at Larken Springs Farm!

Following that big, lush Thanksgiving meal, life automatically becomes twice as stressful for just about everyone - now, the "holidays" are in full swing and all of us feel it.  I will be making some suggestions for enjoying the season, measuring what we all "have to do", as well as including some fun, locally sourced and creative ideas for gifts - especially gifts for foodies.

Media Alert:  Keep your eye on the Perdue lawsuit story by the way.  Insiders have long cited Perdue as one of the cruelist and least sanitary of the mass chicken producers.  Stay informed!

See you later in the week!

And just for a hoot:  Here's what Brussels Sprouts look like in their "real"state.  Enjoy!

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